Stitching a Chicken

So, with the patient relatively clean, a suture kit, a nurse assistant (me), a headlamp and a willing surgeon, the procedure began. … More Stitching a Chicken



Wednesdays we’ve been working on photography as art study.  … More Wednesdays

2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos

Today is a rainy, February, gloomy sort of a day.  I am at my kitchen table letting the gloom settle in on me like loose silly putty on an upholstered couch, getting depressed about the weather and my blog and my to-do list.  My favorite green tea is out and Monday is the first day … More 2018 – Kitchen Table Reflections Prompted by iPhone Photos

Hypnotizing a Chicken

Have you ever hypnotized a chicken? I hadn’t either until we became urban poultry farmers.  Although I’ve hypnotized a few fowl in my day, it’s the kids who love it most!  There’s something entertaining about holding a soft, fluffy living thing in your hands, massaging it on the wishbone and then watching it blissfully melt … More Hypnotizing a Chicken