Join ’em

They loved him: Gen Y painter of avocados. … More Join ’em


Want to Be a Photographer? Fake it Til You Make it!

Seeing through the lens of real photographers for a few days gave me a new perspective about what it means to embrace photography as an expression of one’s artistic talents, a way to meet new and interesting people and a way to connect with my dad in a totally new and exciting way. … More Want to Be a Photographer? Fake it Til You Make it!

Pouring Paint

  Last spring, while browsing through a craft store, I saw an end cap display on paint pouring.  The display highlighted a nifty scene of marbleized paint swirled and set firmly onto a canvas.  When I touched the canvas, the paint felt hard like plastic.  The color combinations were so vivid and attractive; the finished … More Pouring Paint

Chalktober Fest in Focus

This was our third year attending the Marietta Chalktober Fest.  Happening in mid-October, on the streets and sidewalks of our local square, Chalktober Fest is art in action.  Ninety-five artists travel here from across the United States to create, in just two days, fabulous chalk pastel scenes on the actual streets of Marietta, Georgia.  Children, … More Chalktober Fest in Focus

Slice of Life: Day 13

Nostalgia We have been homeschooling  our kids for 18 years and that’s a mighty long time.  Maybe it’s too long!  Maybe it’s not long enough because I still doubt myself sometimes. I never had a burning desire to school my children at home.  Those people always seemed a little fringy to me and I definitely … More Slice of Life: Day 13

Have I lost My Marbles?

Project 2:  Acrylic, food dye and shaving cream on thick drawing paper. Have I lost my marbles?  Maybe.  But, in the process, I’ve discovered  marbled paper!  Paper marbling is the process of placing paints onto a medium like water or shaving cream, swirling the paints and then lifting them off the medium with heavy paper … More Have I lost My Marbles?