Open House

It’s Open House!  But, probably not the kind of open house you are thinking! Its intimate and only about 8 people attend. Sometimes we serve lemonade and cookies, sometimes we don’t. It takes about two hours to set up and just 15 minutes to see. It’s  that time in the summer when we pull out … More Open House

Slice of Life: Day 16

Word Hoard for Daily Slicers laundry in the washer laundry on the floor dishes in the sink dishes at the door papers ungraded dinner’s not bought but the slicing keeps on going written well or written squat kids are talking ’round me someone’s ringing the bell but, I’m clicking at my laptop come high water … More Slice of Life: Day 16

Slice of Life: Day 14

These students are ardently writing about Animal Farm, a political satire written as a cautionary tale against the evils of totalitarianism.  For a writing teacher, this is a beautiful sight:  sixteen energetic students writing and typing with confidence, using transitions, making connections between the text and the outside world, and working heartily right up to … More Slice of Life: Day 14

Slice of Life: Day 7

Hybrid Schooling and Poetry: A great Combination! When people discover that I teach high school classes one day a week, I get the question, “Where do you teach that allows you to do that?” “I teach at a hybrid school in Atlanta, Georgia,” I’ll tell them. Usually, at this point, they nod their heads, as … More Slice of Life: Day 7