Giving As Its Own Reward

Generosity doesn’t have to be this thing we serve down at the soup kitchen. Generosity can be the thing we offer right here in our homes and neighborhoods, blessing people with our time and our love, letting go of that desire to be recognized and reciprocated. … More Giving As Its Own Reward


Paleo and Vegan: Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

If you’re like me and you need to eat Paleo for digestive reasons, Advent fasting can be fairly challenging.  Advent is that six week period prior to Christmas in which Christians prepare for the nativity of Christ.  Orthodox Christians keep a vegan fast during the weeks of Advent to prepare the heart and body for … More Paleo and Vegan: Curried Pumpkin Coconut Soup

The Hills of Manton

It was late when we saw the sign.  Well after dark, the temperature gauge in our rented SUV still read 85 degrees. Our headlights touched the wide house and a dog lurched out, tail wagging, energetic to see visitors even in the waning heat. There were no street lights up here, just turkeys, gentle grape-lined … More The Hills of Manton

The Narthex

If you’ve been Orthodox for awhile, you’ve probably stepped into the narthex during an ongoing baptismal service.  If you are like our family, as hard as we try, sometimes we are running a wee bit late to church and we tread up to the door thinking that the Divine Liturgy is just beginning.  Then, the … More The Narthex

It’s Camp Week

July 1 – It’s camp week! These are beautiful words to a parent’s ear!  Camp week!  It’s here.  That week when the kids pack up their clothes, boots, sleeping bags, towels, and pillows and go have fun while mom and dad get a little time alone and some peace and quiet. This is the second … More It’s Camp Week