Meet some of our flock!

Big Red poses for a picture.

Big Red poses for a picture.

This is Big Red, a Red Rock Chicken.  We just added her to the flock last spring.  A heavy breed of chicken, she has been a very consistent layer of beautiful brown eggs since November.

Floppy the White Leg Layer



Floppy, the White Leg Layer, struts a big comb!  Her comb is so big and flimsy that it needs a little assistance from my 7 year old to appreciate its full size.  My little man likes to touch the warm, supple skin on her comb and waddle.  Somehow, she puts up with it.


Up Close and Personal

Floppy also likes to dash!  She will give you a good run, if you’re up for it.

Run, Floppy, Run!



Floppy's making a dash for it.




Big Red poses in her comfy chair.


Big Red has gained so much weight this year that staying put is much more appealing to hear.


2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. Love the chicken story, do more . How about cleaning the coop ordeal? Best one of all the tales is when one of kids got locked in the chicken coop.


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