Hybrid School Teaching

Hybrid Schooling

What is a hybrid school?  Hybrid schools, a growing educational model, are schools that offer a blended approach to education, combining the best aspects of home learning and classroom learning all into one approach.  Students in hybrid programs often: 1. attend face-to-face classes two or three days a week, 2. teachers provide curriculum and instruction during those weekly meetings, 3. parents are highly involved with students’ learning, facilitating lessons on days when students are at home.

Hybrid schools are an excellent resource to home school families because they offer opportunities for students to take courses that they may be more advanced or specialized such as AP Chemistry or French 3.  Hybrid courses can be electives in the arts, languages, technology, etc.  For example, my kids have all taken band and music hybrid classes at our local band hybrid program.  This program focuses exclusively on music education.

One of the best benefits of  hybrid school participation is the advantage of meeting and connecting with other homeschooling families during the school days.  Many hybrid schools offer prom, dances, sports, academic clubs, service clubs, Bible studies, trips, etc to their students.

Hybrid schools can be a great fit for families looking for additional enrichment and academic coursework for their students.  Click these links below to learn more about what I am doing in the hybrid English classes I teach.

Learning Poetic Forms

Hybrid Schooling and Poetry: A Great Combination

Poetry and WaterWorld

Animal Farm Review in a Hybrid Literature Class

Let Them Drink Tea

Teaching Romeo and Juliet to a classroom full of boys:  An Introduction to Shakespeare


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