Slice of Life: Day 13

Nostalgia We have been homeschooling  our kids for 18 years and that’s a mighty long time.  Maybe it’s too long!  Maybe it’s not long enough because I still doubt myself sometimes. I never had a burning desire to school my children at home.  Those people always seemed a little fringy to me and I definitely … More Slice of Life: Day 13

Slice of Life: Day 8

Band happens on Friday. Practice happens on Thursday night. Books, instruments and stand go into the truck Thursday night. Mom crawls into her bed Thursday night with her laptop to write a slice of life. Dad has been asleep every night when mom has gotten into bed. Mom has sliced every night instead of going … More Slice of Life: Day 8

Cheap Field Trips # 2

What’s gargantuan, gorgeous and gratuitous? The Georgia Governor’s Mansion!  That’s right!  The Governor’s Mansion is absolutely free to tour and hosts regular visits throughout the year.  If you live near your state capitol, odds are you have a governor’s mansion to tour.  If not, a local public building or historic home will do. Many places … More Cheap Field Trips # 2

Cheap Field Trips # 1

In the spirit of  stop-and-smell-the-roses, we’ve been making an extra effort to take cheap field trips this year.  Cheap could be free, or just cheap!  The best thing…these are fun little outings that get us off our routine and don’t require any preparation or great expenditure of funds. I will be sharing these experiences in a … More Cheap Field Trips # 1